Hazardous & Specialist.

Hazardous & Specialist.

Suitable options for both hazardous waste and specialist waste which require more care. 

HIPOD / Drums 

Common sizes 30ltr to 660ltr
Bung tops, clip tops and vented drums
Steel barrels normally used for liquids and oils
Plastic drums hold solids, pastes and sludge


Common sizes are 1,040 litres and 1,250 litres 
Ideal for liquids such as chemicals 
Used for storage and transportation 
Also used for WEEE waste 

Asbestos Containers 

Enclosed options available 
Safe and secure storage 
Offer Wait & Loads  

Flo-Tube Coffins 

Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft  
Long and short term hire   
Safe and secure storage  

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